"It amazed me how passionate Lauren is and you can tell that she truly cares about each project she invests her time and energy in. Her response times are incredible and she
nailed the vision I had."

- David Cohen | My Paleoish Life



Clarify Your Brand's Message.

Nail down the purpose of your brand through your unique brand message.


Create A Brand That Connects.

Create a brand that connects and engages with your specific audience.

A Website That Highlights You.

Highlighting your talents + personality to reflect your
business's mission.


Does your brand and website lack clarity? 

Lack of clarity is the number one reason customers get confused and leave your site.
Is this happening to you? Take the quiz to find out!


What Makes LCC's 1:1 Brand And
 Website Program So Different?

When it comes to creating a brand and website, many businesses struggle with what they need to include and where they should begin. Before we start building the brand and website, we need to lay down the foundation for the brand. A brand is more than just a pretty logo and name. Contrary to popular belief, a brand needs more than these basic items. 

1. A strong brand message
(the foundation of the brand) that connects with their dream clients.
2. Copy on the website that keeps clients interested and leading them to purchasing their products and services.
3. Products and services that exceed their customers expectations.

Does your brand and website have all three?
I know how hard it is to create a brand and website. I've been there myself and with my experience I have also been able to help many entrepreneurs create clear and cohesive brands and websites that connect with their dream customers.


My Paleoish Life


WOW! is the first word that comes to mind when I think back on my experience working with Lauren. I have worked with numerous freelance designers in years past with different business ventures and I would have to say she was by far the best ever!  It amazed me how passionate she is and you can tell that she truly cares about each project she invests her time and energy in.  Her response times are incredible and she nailed the vision I had.  Thank you so much for all of her hard work Lauren and I can't wait to work with you again soon!!

David Cohen | Owner of My Paleoish Life

AJR Accounting

"Lauren did a fantastic job designing my business cards. She also improved my website which resulted in a significant increase in visits. She is a delight to work with!"

- Rola Jarjoura | Owner of AJR Accounting

Glow Studio


"The work that Lauren has created for me has been exceptional right from the start. Lauren was interested in listening to my ideas,  description of what my business was about, used different media tools to develop the idea. Then sent me many many fresh new ideas, hard to pick just one. Lauren's ability to understand and to translate these concepts,  she was able to come up with a beautiful website and a new logo for my company I'm very pleased and would highly recommend her."

- Melinda Spreng | Owner of Glow Studio

What's My Investment?


How much is an unclear brand and website costing you? How many potential customers are leaving your site after a few seconds, because they are confused on what you offer? How many of your holiday sales result in zero customers buying? How many people are passing up your services? Can your potential dream clients understand why they need your product or service? A lack of a clear brand and website may already be costing you a great deal.


*This price does not include the cost of your Squarespace subscription or the cost of your domain.


1. Clarifying Your Brand Message.

Before we begin building your brand and website we need to clarify your brand's message. This is the foundation (the heartbeat) of your brand and what we will build your brand around. This message will capture what your business focuses on. We will work together and use worksheets to help you uncover your brand message.



2. Connecting With Your Dream Client.

Once we have your brand message we will begin to build your brand by connecting with your dream client. We will create your dream client with my "creating your dream client avatar" process. This will make it clear who you are selling to and creating content for.



3. Creating Your Brand Identity.

Now that we know who we're directing your brand message to and who you're selling to we can start creating your brand identity! This includes your mood board, logo, stationary (business cards, social media templates, postcards, etc. --this is custom to each person's needs), and a brand style guide (includes your brand's colors, fonts, design elements, etc.). This is where your brand gets its (face) identity! 



4. Designing Your Website.

The next step is to design your website, the home for all the products or services you offer. We will set up your site to be easy to navigate by your dream clients. Guide your clients were you want to take them on your site, and be appealing to the eye.



5. The LAUNCH!

3...2...1...GO! Finally the Launch Day! We will put together a social media launch kit for you to get your audience excited about the launch and to let them know when your brand new brand and website will launch!


1. Fill out the application below. 



2. If your application is accepted a welcome packet will be sent to you via email letting you know you've been accepted!



3. Book a time for our welcome chat!

The link will be sent along with your
welcome packet.



4. Make a payment and read and sign the contract we agreed on.



5. We get the ball rolling!


1:1 Brand + Website Program Application:

This is for you if you want to apply to work with Lauren in her 1:1 Brand + Website Program to get a brand that reflects you, your target audience, and the talents you use to help others. This is for go-getters and action-takers. If you are known to start something and flake out, then this is NOT for you. But if you want to get the support and guidance to get your own brand + website built for your business this is the best program you'll ever find. Please fill out the form to apply.

NOTE: This program is priced at $7,500 USD but we are currently offering an introductory rate at $4997 (5% donated to a nonprofit or charity of your choice) for action takers. This price will not last and it will go up soon (payment programs available upon request).
If this is not in your budget, please do not apply.

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Have questions? Email hello@leftcoastcreativity.com with any questions.